The challenges facing Pres Mnangagwa

New Zimbabwe writes: "

UNTIL a few weeks ago, most Zimbabweans had known no leader but Robert Mugabe. That changed when he resigned after 37 ruinous years in power-helped along by a military "intervention", mass demonstrations and the collapse of support from his party. The move has unleashed a wave of optimism among a people accustomed to bleak survivalism.

Mugabe′s successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, took office on November 24th, accompanied by a surprising amount of popular goodwill. Mnangagwa may have been Mugabe′s right-hand man for decades, but during celebrations in Harare, Zimbabweans of all stripes waved his photo and made gestures imitating a crocodile, in reference to his nickname. He now has an incredible opportunity to implement the reforms that could improve a miserable economic situation.


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