Zimbabwe: The $100bln economy dream

Hopewell Mauwa writes in New Zimbabwe: "

ECONOMIC assertions by the government and opposition alike have left observers wondering if Zimbabweans have become so gullible to incontestably believe promises by their preferred political parties. Zanu PF intends to create 300,000 jobs from the dualisation of a 900-kilometre road! The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) plans to create a US$100 billion economy in five years! Really?

Truly, democratic change requires leaders to be accountable on any matter to discourage complacency. Equally, ordinary Zimbabweans ought to learn from history that patriotism and loyalty are better exercised towards national values, not necessarily political party interests. Consequences of corruption and poor policy execution by government are apparent and, frankly, warrant no further analysis. That said, the 2009-2012 Government of National Unity (GNU) exposed that the opposition is not immune to the trappings of power either.


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