Ruth Weiss: Zimbabwe before the elections (25)



Little has moved forward following the signing of the constitution into law by President Robert Mugabe on May 22.

The chaotic voters registration exercise organised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) continued to ruffle feathers and cause demands to start the proceedings over again.(1) The Treasury issued US25m for this exercise (2) while SADC is working out the means to finance the elections.(3) ZEC has been summoned to appear before the Parliamentary committee on peace and security for an update on the electoral body's preparedness for the upcoming polls.(4)

The actual election date is still uncertain, despite Mugabe's opting for June 29 and his pronouncement that he would soon announce a firm date. Mugabe has left for Japan within a day of returning from an AU summit in Addis Ababa.(5) His international travels swallow millions of US dollars.

In Hwange, police confiscated Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) material, alleging this was used to conduct voter education from the 13th to the 17th of May 2013 without approval of ZEC.(6).Civil society organisations are concerned that their work is being disrupted by Zanu-PF ahead of elections, with Bulawayo Governor labeling several CSOs as "spy agencies".(7)


MDC's demands for reforms before elections are still in the centre of the political arena. Critics such as Constantine Chimakure claim the parties have themselves to blame, with Chimakure issuing a long list of MDCs' omissions, saying that they have themselves to blame for not working hard enough to demand the implementation of reforms and that pressure at the eleventh hour is too late.(8)

MDC leader and Prime Minister Tsvangirai is frustrated by the unapologetic partisanship of the country's military and other security services.(9). The EU managing director for Africa Nicholas Westcott who visited Zimbabwe, said that creditable elections are not possible without reforms.(10) South African President Jacob Zuma's SADC's mediating team leader Lindiwe Zulu confirmed that Zimbabwe was discussed at the fringe of the AU May summit, when it was decided to call a SADC summit before Zimbabwe's elections to discuss the issue.(11) The AU's Commission on Human Rights has called on Zimbabwe to reform, as it found government agents guilty of the death of four Zimbabweans.(12)

Thugs believed to be linked to Zanu-PF attacked a group of MDC supporters in Harare.(13) The incident ist o be investigated by the government watchdog, JOMIC.(14)

An interview of Dali Tambo, son of one-time ANC President Oliver Tambo , with Mugabe in the midst of his family at dinner in State House, will be transmitted by the SABC on Sunday. It is apparently part of an effort to spruce up Mugabe's dented image.(15)


Finance Minister Tendai Biti has said he was on the brink of signing an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to deal with the country's huge- some US$11billion - foreign debt.(16)

The privatisation of Zimbabwe's steel corporation Zisco which was signed in 2010 with Essar Africa Holdings 2010 may be rescinded, due to constant delays. The Parliament Committee responsible for industry was briefed by a Zisco official without the presence of the media.(17)

A Chinese firm with links to the Zimbabwe military, that was granted permission to mine in the Gwayi Conservation area, is about to go ahead with major development plans, despite warnings of the devastating impact on the environment.(18)

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